Saturday, September 23, 2006

They're Off!

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...the fulltimers, that is. The teams left for fall tour today! They're so ready! I mean, they still have stuff to learn, but there's a point at which talking about things just isn't effective anymore before you have an experience to file it in. They're definately ready for that experience.

Check their schedules (which are now up on their respective CTI's sites- by individual team this year) and COME OUT AND SEE THEM! I'll be visiting 1422 while they are in Seattle, and 1421 while they are in New York and points north (but probably not Canada, much to my chagrin- sorry Cindy/Elliot/Jimmy/Wessica/Gable/LOTS of other people in Toronto- I'd love to see you all, but it probably wouldn't be the best time for me to be with the team.)

Pray for overseas opportunities (still under development.) Oh, and also that I won't get too depressed now that they're gone! (It's kind of inevitable when life suddenly goes from 120mph down to about 20 overnight - thought I am looking forward to a bit of a break.)

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