Monday, September 25, 2006

Seasons change

So much change seems to happen at the same time here. The fulltimers left this weekend, concurrent with the official start to fall. And here in Minnesota, the actual weather seems to pay attention to what the weather man says it should be like. Temps have dropped suddenly this past week.

Went to the Calvin's yesterday afternoon to do some late-season wakeboarding. The outdoor temp was probably in the upper 50's, and the water was probably in the 40's. A botched dock start left me in the water gasping for air... the neighbors (who were in the process of trailering their boats for the winter) must have thought we were nuts (if so, they would have been right.) But once up, the wakeboarding was fantastic, and the lake was absolute glass. Finished the day with a few rounds of extreme croquet and a campfire cookout. I do love the fall weather.

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Sean said...

Ok.. so what's wakeboarding? I'd assume you don't do it when you're asleep, but...

-=>Sean ;^)