Friday, October 22, 2010

Generosity and fear

A challenge this week, from Andy Stanley:
I see two kinds of givers: people who give what’s left over, and people who give off the top and live on what’s left over.

The first group isn’t greedy. They just see themselves as responsible for meeting their own needs. And whatever’s left over goes to helping God’s work.

The second group sees everything as belonging to God, including the responsibility to meet their daily needs. Therefore they’re free to take on the mission of stewarding God’s resources as their generosity dictates. Generosity is their priority, although they don’t give carelessly. They give thoughtfully and effortlessly.
The problem with giving leftovers is that your generosity can never exceed your ability to meet your own needs. If you prosper, there may be some left over. But the minute you face financial uncertainty, generosity takes a backseat.

Isn’t it rational to trust God with your finances, since all of it belongs to Him? And isn’t it rational to trust God with something that’s beyond your control anyway? Therefore, doesn’t that make it irrational to trust God for your eternal destiny, yet decline His invitation to direct your finances?

Fear has a way of twisting the truth.
from Fields of Gold