Monday, September 18, 2006

"Debris! We have debris!"

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"Debris! We have debris!"

...I'm not really watching it... in fact, I haven't seen it in years. But I did see my first tornado this weekend, which was pretty sweet, I must say. So I was watching a twister...

Was out with 1421 for their first away from home gig- we did a workshop in Sioux Falls SD, then drove up to the booming metropolis of Trent (population about 150) for a Sunday morning appearance. The weather was nasty- 85 degrees at the east end of the state and 45 at the west end. And the two fronts colliding were spawning tornados all the way down to Oklahoma apparently.

We were driving up I-29, about a mile from our exit to Trent, and the team was all commenting on this weird cloud formation over an open field to the left of the van. I was driving, so I only glanced over at it, then back at the road. I looked back when everyone started getting really excited, and the thing was on the ground. Probably a couple of miles away, but you could tell that it hit the ground because there was a huge cloud of debris around the base of the funnel. Saaaa-wheeeet! (no disrespect to re-located cows intended.)

It was only on the ground for about 10 seconds or so. When we pulled into Trent a few minutes later, all the sirens were going off, which made load-in pretty fun. The team set up and we all went off to host homes for the night, only to be entertained by the sirens again later that evening- some nasty activity north of Trent that night, I guess. When we were driving home the next day there was a small spot on the side of the highway where the corn was just missing... how curious.

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