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The Shadow Proves the Sunshine

As a Christian, I'm quite sure I spend a lot of time trying to grow the fruit while spending relatively little time focusing on the tree.

Know what I mean? Trying to be "good" rather than allowing good to be who I am because it's a natural outflowing of who I'm striving to be through Christ. Having to remind myself " oh yeah, I'm supposed to be gentle, patient and kind."

I think the outside world knows when we force those things. People are rarely fooled by forced fruits. Unfortunately, I think I often fool myself into believing that this is what sets me apart as a Christian- that these are the things that people will know Christ in me by.

What happens when I fall, like the rest of the world? The times I "turn off" and forget to force myself to have self-control or be loving? What happens when high profile Christians fall to the same sins that mere mortals are subject to? What does Christ stand on when we've built His platform on good behavior and the like, and then we can't stand on it with him?

I'm starting to understand that the real thing that makes us different... the thing that really sets us apart... is the fact that Christ Himself dwells within us. Man, you can't force that! And no matter how much failing there is on the outside, the simple, yet profound fact that the King Of The Universe makes His home in my soul will be sufficient if I stop trying to convince myself (and the world around me) that the difference is in obeying the speed limit, avoiding the "more serious" swearwords, and actually *purchasing* the music I listen to.

'Cause *wow*.... I'm not all that different when measured against those 3 criteria.

(but I know a lot of non-Christians who are...)

Shine on me - let my shadows prove the sunshine

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